January Earnings Report

January was an improvement with earnings coming in at $1347. For the third or fourth month in a row I haven’t done much work so I’m obviously pretty happy that the money continues to roll on in. I am completely aware that I have to get back into work mode but I didn’t manage to get anything done in Kuala Lumpur and won’t be able to do much until the end of February when I leave Indonesia for London.

Oh ya! I bought a ticket to London for March 1st. The plan is to head there to attempt to get a visa for Pakistan and, if that doesn’t work out, I will probably head to Haiti. The Pakistan plan is good for working online and I’m hoping it works out. The Haiti plan isn’t so good for web work but it’s too tempting not to go. Either way I will have something interesting to keep me busy for a few months.

Earnings Breakdown:

  • Google Adsense – $319 – Yay! Adsense is back over $300 after a scary month in December. January started as a slow month which was a bit of a worry, especially since in past years January has usually seen my Adsense earnings jump up a lot. It’s not at $500 where I want it, but it’s moving in the right direction.
  • Affiliate Sales – $498 – My main affiliate program is still sucking but others are stepping up finally. I’ve set up some programs on my moving to London site which are a perfect fit and the early results are promising. I have a couple more products from the same company to add so hopefully that will be what bumps me up to above $500 consistently.
  • Advertising – $530 – It was a month mostly of renewals and I also did a few new deals for monthly payments. I have stopped pursuing direct advertising but I’m still always open to it so it’s nice that people are still coming to me occasionally.

January was good and February will probably be more of the same until I get off my arse and get some serious amounts of work done. The good part is I have the sites built, I just need to dedicate a lot of time to building links and attempting to get them into Google.

But that’s for March… in the meantime it’s more of the same in Sumatra, Indonesia. We’ve moved onto building houses and I get to play with a circular saw which is fun and it’s nice to be building houses instead of destroying them.

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