March Earnings Report

I earned $1630 in March which is about where I want to be with my earnings at this point. I always seem to talk about how little work I have done on my sites and how I’m happy to still be making an income and this month is more of the same. I don’t spend much money here at all so I’m hoping to pad my bank account a bit before heading to South Africa in June.

Earnings Breakdown:

  • Google Adsense – $390 – Adsense in up which is always encouraging. Not much else to say since I haven’t really done anything in an attempt to increase my Adsense earnings. Well, I have, but I haven’t done the link building yet for those new sites so, until I do, it’ll likely be more of the same in this area.
  • Affiliate Sales – $383 – My main affiliate is continuing to suck but I’ve set up something else on my moving to London website which is starting to pay off a bit. I’ve also been talking to them about ways to increase my earnings using other affiliate programs and tweaking my website a bit. Now that my ebook is done I will have more time to tinker with that stuff.
  • Advertising – $605 – This month was all renewals or continuing monthly payments. I’m working on another big deal though for April which is good since I don’t have any renewals due next month.
  • Ebook Sales – $252 As many of you know, I wrote an ebook recently and launched it in mid-March. I sold 36 copies which was a little less than I had expected (I was hoping to sell 50) but not by much. The promotion I plan to do hasn’t really kicked in at all yet and I think that I will have a few slow months and possibly some really good months, depending on what sort of exposure I get each month. I’m really excited to see how all of this works and will report back on it all. Mostly I’m excited to finally have a product to sell and I think it’s a really good one too which is even better.

Now that my ebook is done and I have some promotion done and reviews and guest posts in the pipeline, I can start working again on my websites. The net connection here in Haiti is surprisingly good, although now that we’re up to over 100 volunteers, there have been some bandwidth issues. But I’m hoping to spend some time writing articles and building links in an attempt to get my newest sites producing for me. I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting back into web development and SEO stuff.

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