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Hi, welcome to my blog.

So… ya. The first post. It’s a pretty big event. Firecrackers just went off behind me and the Mayor is about to cut a ribbon and smash a bottle of Champagne over my monitor. Or is that just for boats? Hopefully it’s just for boats since I’m at work at the moment and I don’t think my boss would appreciate the mess. He’s already suspicious about why the mayor is here.

About Me

I’ve been guest blogging over at Working Nomad since September 2006 but have since decided that the internet needs one more blog so have jumped ship and started this baby. The guy that runs that site has been travelling around the world working on his websites from anywhere and raking in some serious cash in the process. I figure that sounds like a damn fine way to spend my time so I’m attempting the same thing.

I’m from Canada but have lived in London, UK for 5 years. I’ve done working holidays in Oz, NZ and Ireland and have an itchy feet thing happening at the moment and plan to hit the road again in January 2008, this time with my laptop in tow.

My Websites

While new to blogging, I’ve been a net nerd since 2000 when I started Travoholic.com, a semi-neglected website about backpacking mainly in Europe and Australia. I didn’t do much with it until 2005 when I discovered Google Adsense.

In the early days I was only earning pennies a day and when I hit the $1/day mark I was probably a bit too excited judging by the looks people gave me when I told them of my new found ‘riches’. But I got to thinking… if I grew Travoholic then I could earn more. Or even better, build more sites and watch the money roll on in… slowly.

I’ll go into my sites and earnings in more detail other posts but the gist of the operation is that I’m currently earning an average of about $700/month for 2007 from 3 main sites and a couple of smaller, niche sites.

The Plan

I’ve given my boss plenty of warning and my last day of work is December 13th. The plan is to head home to Canada for a few weeks, visit the friends and rellies, and spend a lot of time getting my sites up to scratch. Then I’m off to Asia one way with laptop. No plans, no deadline, and no budget! Ok that’s a lie, but it sounds good. My only plan is to be in Beijing for the Olympics and my budget will be dictated by what I’m earning. So if I bring in $700, that’s what I’ll try to live on during the following month. If I earn more than I need to survive as a meager backpacker then I’ll whack it into my savings account.

So… what’s the blog about?

I’ll be posting my earnings, tips on making money online, the cost of living in places I go to, how much I spend and various other things that sound very uninteresting as I type this but will be filled with wonder and amazement and will change your life for the better! Ok maybe not that but hopefully you’ll find a few nuggets of interesting blurbs now and then.

That’s all. Wow, the first blog post. Bit longer than I expected. I wonder if anyone will read it? Who knows. Ah crap, now I’m talking to myself… probably a good time to sign off.

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