I Want to Raise $10,000 for a Good Cause and I Need Your Help

One of the things on my life list is to raise $10,000 for a good cause and I have been thinking a lot about this goal recently. I’m in Indonesia at the moment working with a fantastic organisation and I would love to be able to throw some funds their way. I could do some crazy bike ride and look for sponsors, or canvas friends and family, or something along those lines but I’m not sure that’s the way. It seems like ebooks go over well and I think I have a few things to write about so maybe writing a short ebook is a good plan.

My idea bis to sell the book for $10 each. Well, not really sell it but give it away to people who make a minimum donation to a charity. I would set up an account through Just Giving or another similar online donation site and when I receive a donation above the specified amount, I will send out the book. My hope would be that if people are impressed either by the book or the cause they might give a bit more than the minimum, but that’s not something I would count on. So at $10 a book I would have to get 1,000 people to give the minimum donation to reach my goal. It seems like a huge number but not an impossible one, especially since I don’t really have a time limit in mind.
I think there are a lot of ebooks out there for sale and there are some for free so I’m not sure where mine would fit into the equation. I’m sort of in the early planning stages right now and I’m wondering if you guys think this is a good idea. People seem really interested in the type of lifestyle I’m living by earning money online so, while I don’t claim to be an expert, I do think that some people would be interested in knowing how I’ve managed to get where I am. Maybe a book that’s partly a guide on how I make money and part a motivational type book would go over well? Or something else?

Do you think this would be something people would be interested in enough to give $10 or more to charity? What sort of things would you like to see me write about? What would compel you to donate $10 to a good cause in exchange for an ebook?Would this be something you think the blogging community would pick up on and help me promote? Would you?

Any ideas and suggestions would be welcome!

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