Anyone Heading to Kampala to Live?

…I thought not. 🙂 But I’m sure there are more than a few people out there who are so I’m going to duplicate my living in Kigali website for Kampala and aim the thing at expats in that lively city.

I really like Uganda and, while I haven’t spent much time exploring Kampala (yet), I really love the vibe there. It’s a lot more chaotic, dirty and crazy than Kigali (most places in the world are) but I really like a bit of chaos and I could see myself spending a lot of time in that city in the future.

I’m kind of at a strange crossroads where I’m fed up with travelling around and feel like I want to base myself somewhere – establish something a bit more permanent. I have a bunch of things I’d like to do this year that will involved travelling around the US for the summer plus I’d like to do some more disaster volunteering (could be sooner than I think… The Philippines?) but I think I’d still like to keep a base somewhere.

Kampala is a nine hour bus ride or a very short flight from Kampala and I could see myself bouncing between the cities as I get to know Uganda a bit better. I’ve loved working on the Kigali website and I know I could make one work for Kampala as well, a larger city with a lot more expats and more web-savvy businesses. While these sites might not make me much money to start, I see a lot of potential in these two countries and having the main websites for expats coming to town will be a lucrative thing in the future, I think. Regardless, I really love how making the Kigali site has made me get out there, visit new places, try to things and reach out to people and building a site for Kampala will give me the same excuse to get out there and experience the city.

So… I’m sitting down at my parent’s kitchen table here in Canada and have just started the living in Kampala site. Literally just started. So I’m not sure if anyone’s interested in following along as a site goes from a WordPress shell to a complete design to a site filled with a bit of content but, if you are, check out the site (living in Kampala) and follow along as I make the changes. My plan for this site is to get things built, add a bit of content and get it ranking (and with my Kigali site it started ranking on page one of Google without any content at all), then take a trip to Kampala around April to fill it with some more content and search for a writer to partner up with.

I’ve also registered so maybe East Africa will become my base by default as I work to create a bunch of city guides! Who knows. I love working on these sorts of sites and I love this part of the world so I’m looking forward to getting started.

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