Throwing My Hat into ‘Made for Adsense’ Game

Since I started expanding my website porfolio back in 2005, I have pretty much stuck with the same strategy. My intention has always been to provide websites with good quality content that are actually useful to people. I’ve always taken a lot of time to construct and research them and usually spend quite a lot of time on making them look nice, just for kicks. In short, while making some money is always the ultimate goal, it’s important to me that I also provide useful information in a well prestented way.

But building large, content rich websites isn’t the only way to make a buck online and, up until now, I’ve pretty much ignored all of the other possibilities. After learning how much a fellow web marketer earns with Adsense on one of his simple websites, I decided to see if I could make it work. I’ve done a bit of keyword research in a similar niche but totally different geographical area and came up with a bunch of site ideas and found plenty of available domain names.

I registered one a couple of days ago and after a solid day and a half of work, I’ve got a site that is ready to go live. The site isn’t purely made for Adsense as it actually provides useful information, just not that much of it. The site is small at 20 pages, it’s simple, and the only way I plan to monetise is with Adsense. I will post the URL and give a report on how things are going in six months or so.

My web marketer friend and I both agree that sites can take anywhere from six months to two years to get anywhere and the key is to produce and wait (with a bit of link building thrown in here and there, of course). I’m not expecting much from this site for the next six months to a year or maybe even longer, but when Google starts to warm to it (and they always do) I think it could become a nice little earner with Adsense.

I’m going to create a few more small sites based on keyword research with the same long term goals in mind, get them online and forget about them. I’m in no way going down the ‘100 sites making $1 each a day’ road, but I would eventually like a handful of very small, no maintenance sites to compliment my bigger ones.

My earnings seem to be going down instead of up so it’s time to start exploring some different strategies.

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